10 Front Door Decoration Ideas

Your front door let others predict how our house is from the inside. When decorating our house, the front door often gets neglected. No matter how much classy and chic our house is from the inside, if the front door is boring then our house decoration is not complete.

Decorating the front door is the part of decorating our house and it should be the first thing to decorate and make nice and pretty. After all, everyone sees the door first before entering our precious house.

Decorating the front door is easy, simple and fun to do. You can do many DIY’s and put your creativity on display, or you can even have fun by painting vivid colors on the main door.

The amazing part about front door decoration is that you can change your setup according to seasons, festivals or any other celebration.

These are the Top 10 front door decoration ideas for you to do and upgrade your boring door.

  1. Deep Blue

Deep Blue Door Decoration Ideas

This deep blue color gives life whether inside the house or outside. You can paint your door a dark blue color and decorate it with white flowers and green flowers to make it look even more eye catching.

  1. Simple Wooden Door

Nothing beats this simplicity. A simple brown wooden door with contrasted black handle and two side wooden vases, see how the brown mat is giving this whole front door setup a decent character.

  1. Decent Front

Here is another decent wooden door decoration idea with a little extra- you can put up a wooden welcome sign which you can do at home yourself, and put some elegant vases with colorful flowers in it. You have yourself a perfect front door.

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  1. Spring Door

You can upgrade your front door according to seasons, so here is the pretty spring season front door. You can paint your door some dark color so that your decoration will pop out more. If you are creative enough, you can make this flower crown by your own and save some money; also it will showcase your creativity like no other.

  1. The Autumn One

Here comes autumn and here you change your front door setup in a simple and easy style. You can put some vases with autumn themed flowers and to top it off, place a beautiful big bow to make your front door more welcoming.

  1. The Bright Front

Love bright and vivid colors? Throw some bright red on your door too to make the whole front area sensational. Put a matching red chair in your patio so you can have some relaxing time there. Also, put some white and pink flowers in a vase and a white mat to calm down the bright red.

  1. The Pastel Door

Nothing seems more calming and relaxing as pastel color. So why not paint your front door with a pretty pastel pink color!? Match it with grey floor tiles to give your setup an elegant and a little bit of a vintage look. Finish off with a flower vase and a home sweet home mat.

  1. The Fun Front

For an easy and light weight decoration, throw some bright yellow color on your door. It will reflect the playfulness of the house. You can further decorate it with a vase, a small white table and a decent colored mat. Make your front door more fun by putting some more colorful decorations on the door.

  1. Christmas Themed Door

On Christmas, every single corner of the house is decorated with trees, lights, little socks, gifts and what not. You cannot forget about your front door on Christmas, give your door the Christmas vibe by decorating it with a tree, a flower crown and a pretty flower vase.

  1. Flower and Numbers

DIY a door crown and put your house number on it, you can do it by keeping things real simple, elegant and creative. You can make a crown with many different flowers and different colors. Your front area will look posh and you will totally adore it. You can always add a mat that match your decorations to give your front setup a complete character.


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